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High School HVAC Update

High School HVAC Update
Marie Birky


At July’s school board meeting, trustees voted to move forward with a project to improve the ventilation and heating system at Columbia Falls High School.  With a five million dollar boost in funding from federal ESSER money (Covid funding), the board has contracted with Jackola Engineering to design a system for this building, which is a beautiful but aging facility that opened in 1959.

The first phase of the project will be to improve ventilation in the building as well as modernizing the controls in the system.  The next phase will provide for heating and cooling in the building, replacing the boiler system currently in place.

This work will occur in the summer, reducing the impact on school operations.  The plan at this point is to have both phases completed by the summer of 2024.
At some point in the future, the district will complete this project, likely through a bond project.  This bond will replace all the windows in the building to today’s standards, improving efficiency and working in conjunction with the HVAC improvements.  Fully completing the project would also include putting a new roof on the building.