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Construction Update–8/30/2023

Construction Update–8/30/2023
Marie Birky


Columbia Falls School District has seen multiple construction projects take place over the recent year. Construction still continued through the summer of 2023 in three of our four buildings. We will continue to be great stewards of the facilities that our community has provided for the students and staff of our district.

Glacier Gateway Elementary

The building is complete and we are starting the first full year in the building. We hosted our back to school staff breakfast in the building and it was a great space for us. We recognize there are some new building hiccups that we are working through and Swank Enterprise has been great to work with during this process. We will see about scheduling another community open house for all stakeholders to come get a tour of the building. Details to come on this event.

Ruder School

This summer there were new ceilings installed in the non renovated classrooms. This completes the remodel and renovation of the classrooms at Ruder. Next project for this spring will be the addition of some playground equipment as we are working on finalizing the funding for these upgrades.

Columbia Falls High School

HVAC was the name of the game this summer at CFHS. The project was funded with federal COVID money and is meant to improve the air quality of the building. The main task for this summer was to provide the necessary ducting and infrastructure as the air handling units are scheduled to arrive next summer. The use of these funds will drastically improve the air quality of the building and allow for a better learning environment for CFHS.
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