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Dollar General Donates $10,000 to Ruder Library

Dollar General Donates $10,000 to Ruder Library
Marie Birky

Dollar General, a retail store, recently opened its doors in Columbia Falls and celebrated its Grand Opening on September 29, 2023.  This is an especially important achievement for Dollar General as it is their first store in Montana which fulfilled their goal “to provide customers with convenient and affordable access to household essentials throughout all 48 continental states”. 

As part of their customer celebration, they invited Ruder Elementary Principal, Brenda Krueger to attend so they could present the Ruder library with a donation of books as well as  “share of a fun surprise with the school”.  At the event, they presented a $10,000 check to Ms. Krueger!

Denine Torr, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy, said in a letter to Brenda, “Investing in the communities we call home is an integral part of Dollar General’s mission of Serving Others. We recognize the important role your school plays in the lives of students and teachers and hope these funds will help strengthen your academic efforts.  To show our support and in celebration of the first Dollar General opening in Montana, we are pleased to provide Ruder Elementary School with a $10,000 donation to support your literacy initiatives”. 

The staff and students of Ruder Elementary Schools, as well as the entire school district, are filled with gratitude for Dollar General’s generous donation.  This will have a positive impact on the school and its students, providing them with access to more books and resources for learning.  We are thrilled and grateful for this generous gesture.  Such contributions play a significant role in enhancing educational opportunities for students and fostering a culture of reading and learning.  This event has been an exciting and memorable day for Columbia Falls and Ruder Elementary School. 

Celebration Time!