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Superintendent's Message


Celebrating Success:

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Stakeholders

Dear Columbia Falls School District #6 Stakeholders,

As I reflect on the past year, it is with immense gratitude and pride that I extend to you a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for your unwavering support, dedication, and contributions to the success of our school district. The accomplishments achieved by our students and staff are a testament to the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence that defines our community.

Celebrating Student Achievements

Our students have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their studies, extracurricular activities, and community engagement. From academic achievements to artistic endeavors, athletic triumphs, and community service initiatives, their accomplishments have been nothing short of inspiring. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and the positive impact they have made on our school and beyond.

Acknowledging Staff Excellence

Our staff members, from teachers and administrators to support personnel, have played a pivotal role in creating a nurturing and challenging learning environment. Their passion, innovation, and tireless efforts have contributed to the academic and personal growth of our students. We extend our deepest appreciation to each staff member for their commitment to fostering a culture of learning and success.

Community Pride

The achievements of our students and staff are a source of pride for the entire Columbia Falls community. Your ongoing support, involvement, and encouragement have been instrumental in creating an environment where students can thrive. Together, we celebrate the collective accomplishments that make our school district a shining example of educational excellence.

Looking Ahead: Your Involvement Matters

As we move into the upcoming months, I want to ensure that our stakeholders remain actively engaged in the decision-making processes that will shape the future of our school district. We will be addressing critical issues, including a building maintenance levy and a potential operational levy for the upcoming fiscal year. Your involvement, input, communication, and understanding are essential as we navigate these important decisions.

Your Role in the Future of Columbia Falls School District #6

Your voice matters, and I invite you to participate in the upcoming discussions and decisions. Your insights will help us make informed choices that benefit our students and sustain the high standards of education that our community values. I appreciate your commitment to the well-being of our schools and the continued success of our students.

In closing, I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to our stakeholders for their ongoing support. Together, we have created a thriving educational community, and we look forward to the continued collaboration that will shape the future of Columbia Falls School District #6.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment.


Cory J. Dziowgo

Superintendent and Champion for Education

Updated: 12/19/23

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